Plastering Contractors for Chicago’s North Shore

When you’re in need of a plastering contractor in Chicago’s North Shore, it can seem like some companies only provide half of the services you need. At Castino Panting & Home Services, we’re proud to offer complete plastering and drywall services for residential clients. Whether you need repair services, you want to replace old drywall, or you want to refinish an old home to make it look new, we’ve got the skills and experience to get the job done right.

img-plasteringResidential Plastering and Drywall Services

Whether you need drywall or plastering services, we can do it all. We offer taping, repair, and replacement of new and old drywall. In addition to drywall service, we’re happy to offer complete plastering services as well. Plaster is unmatched when it comes to sound cancellation and durability, and also offers a degree of artfulness to the homes it’s used in. Plaster not only offers more flexibility for design options, but it can also be cleaned easily with water, while drywall is easily damaged with water. It is also much stronger than drywall and won’t damage as easily, and takes paint more uniformly as it is flatter and smoother. Both materials are popular choices for residential applications, and we’re glad to offer complete service for both.

Customize Your North Shore Home

At Castino, we take pride in the work we do and are proud to offer plastering and drywall services to our customers in Chicago’s North Shore communities. Whether you need refinishing services to make an old home look new again, or you need us to repair existing drywall or plaster in your home, we have the skills you’re after. In addition to offering complete plastering and drywall residential services, we also offer painting services so you don’t have to hire multiple contractors. Enjoy the convenience of hiring one contractor to get all the work you need done. For more information about the work we do or to get started on a project, contact us today.

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