Gutter Cleaning

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A dreaded Fall and Spring chore, gutter cleaning entails climbing on a ladder and removing debris that has gathered inside.

This ladder climbing is tedious and involves positioning the ladder, climbing up the ladder, cleaning a portion of the gutter, climbing down the ladder, repositioning it, climbing back up, and so on and so on. While not fun, this chore is a vital home maintenance project that prevents water damage.

Gutters are installed on a home at the bottom of the roof line and catch water that falls down on the roof. Roofs are pitched so that water does not accumulate, but runs down to be caught the gutters. Gutter feed into downspouts that carry water away from the perimeter of a home. When water is not moved away, the roof’s fascia will rot; rain water can penetrate the foundation, and eventually will seep into the basement. If a freeze sets in, an ice dam will occur and water will seep through the roof. Water in the basement will cause mold damage that is costly and time consuming to remediate. Mold is a very dangerous fungus that causes many upper respiratory ailments in people and pets.

img-gutterPrevent more costly damage to the foundation of your home through bi-annual, or at least annual gutter cleaning. Spring is an ideal time to clean, but fall is also, especially if your property is surrounded by trees. The falling leaves can blow into the gutters causing blockage, and the winter months bring cold and snow. Melting snow will be trapped if blocked by leaves and spring could be too late.

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