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Specialty Design and Installation Services for North Shore and Chicago Homeowners

At Castino Painting and Home Services, we know that Chicago and North Shore residents like to make their houses feel like homes in any way they can, including customizing rooms to their hobbies, creating comfortable home offices that foster productivity, tailoring kitchens to their dietary preferences or requirements, and much more. Whatever you need to make your house feel like it was made just for you, we can help make that happen.

Specialty Builds

specialty-installationFor those who keep kosher, you understand the specific requirements called for when cooking and maintaining a kitchen. At Castino, our partners will work with you to build a kosher kitchen that’s designed and installed to your specifications. We can also create other custom builds, such as entertainment centers, bar cabinets, and home offices. Whatever you have in mind, we’ll be happy to get to work on your specialty design and installation project. We’re committed to making our clients happy.

Miscellaneous Design and Installation Projects

We also pride ourselves on providing our clients with the opportunity to design custom laundry rooms, storage rooms, craft rooms, and other products such as China hutches, bookcases, and more.  Our professional designers will work with you using state-of-the-art 3D modeling software to create realities from your dreams, and what’s better is we’ll also install it. We pride ourselves on doing a complete job for our clients, and that means helping them design the perfect-looking piece of furniture, cabinet, or room, and following through to the installation or renovation.

If you’re a Chicago or North Shore homeowner and you’re interested in learning more about the work Castino Painting and Home Services does, call us today.

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