Upholstery Cleaning & Stain Removal Services for Chicago’s North Shore

Furniture is a big investment for many homeowners, so it’s important to keep it looking great over the years. That means regular upholstery cleaning. Upholstery cleaning services are great for keeping furniture looking newer longer, and in order to get the most out of your furniture, it’s essential to work with a contractor that has the skill necessary for safely cleaning it. Some contractors may not have the proper equipment or they may not care about the outcome of their work–things like not properly drying the furniture after cleaning it or using the wrong type of shampoo can ruin your furniture. Castino Painting & Home Services is proud to offer Chicago’s North Shore communities reliable and high-quality upholstery cleaning and stain removal services, perfect for keeping homes looking beautiful.

Restore Furniture to Like-New Quality

Upholstered fabrics naturally collect dirt and dust from the air in your home. It may not be noticeable, but over time, it can change the look of the furniture and make your home appear somewhat dingy. Getting the upholstery cleaned can extend the life of the furniture and make your home look luxurious and well-kept. Don’t settle for dirty-looking furniture when you can hire reliable upholstery cleaners to bring it back to life. You’ll love the results, and what’s better is cleaning and stain removal services can also help with things like lingering odors and hard-to-remove stains.

Get Rid of Odors and Stains

Whether smokers live in the home, your pets had an accident, or anything else caused stains or lingering odors on your furniture, you’re not stuck with it. Some contractors will just use products that mask the odor, leaving you to deal with it yet again shortly after paying them. At Castino, we take pride in the work we do and won’t do jobs this way. When you choose us, you won’t have to worry about sub-par work or having to track us down to finish what we started. We offer North Shore and Chicago residents complete upholstery cleaning and stain removal services because we know how important having great looking furniture is, and we’ll make sure you’re happy with the results. Protective agents will also be applied to your furniture to protect it against future spills.

Keep your furniture looking newer longer with upholstery cleaning and stain removal services from Castino Painting & Home Services.

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