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Cleaning and Stain Removal Services for Chicago’s North Shore

Part of keeping your home as clean and as comfortable as possible includes regular deep-cleaning. Sure, we all sweep and vacuum our floors, but many of us neglect things like cleaning our upholstery or mattresses. Whether you want to freshen the look of your furniture, deep clean your area rugs, or get rid of a bed bug problem, Castino Painting & Home Services offers complete cleaning and stain removal services for Chicago’s North Shore homes. There are many benefits to these types of cleaning.

Change the Look of Your Home

The difference between freshly cleaned carpets, upholstery, furniture and floors that haven’t been cleaned in a while is, as you might imagine, quite noticeable. It can dramatically change the look of your home, depending on how long it has been since your furnishings have been cleaned. These services are particularly helpful if smokers or pets live in the home, as pet fur/dander and smoke damage can make homes look dingy and dirty. Don’t give visitors the wrong idea about your or your family–with Castino Painting & Home Services, you can be proud of the home you live in. But the benefits aren’t just superficial; house cleaning services can also help keep people healthier.

img-cleaningKeep Your Family Healthy

Things like dust, dirt, smoke, and pet hair can cause irritation if people who live in the home are allergic to them. Naturally, some of these things can be avoided if someone is very allergic, but even people who aren’t sensitive to these allergens can experience irritation with them built up in the home. Cleaning drapery and carpeting can make a big difference in how your family feels. If you’re dealing with bed bug issues, these services can also have a huge impact. Getting rid of irritants and pests will let you and your family live as comfortable as you can in your North Shore home.

When you need reliable house cleaning services and stain removal in the North Shore communities of Chicago, don’t hesitate to call Castino Painting & Home Services.

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