Wood Floor Stripping & Staining

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Hardwood floors add value and character to any style home. They are also easy to care for and maintain, and can last upwards of 30-40 years depending on the traffic and care you give them, and of course the wood species and thickness of the wood. Genuine hardwood floors are available in oak, walnut, and cherry among others. Genuine hardwood floors last for years due to the thickness of the wood, which allows for the top to be lightly sanded and then refinished to look new.

img-stainingProfessional flooring specialists use a large rotary sander to remove the top finished of hardwood floors while buffing to a smooth finish. Experience is key as this drum sander is powerful and will grid the wood to the sub floor if one is not careful. Since hardwood floors can last a lifetime, it is a smart investment to hire a professional with a drum sander to refinish the floors. The drum sander will keep the floor even and prepare the wood for the stain and varnish.

Our professional hardwood floor refinishing process is not complete without staining and applying a protective varnish to keep the newly sanded wood beautiful. While staining the wood is an option, a clear protective coating is a must. To prevent scuffing and water penetration, we will apply three to five coats of varnish to ensure your floors last.

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