Foundation Crack Repair

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A home is only as good as its foundation. Regardless of the work done to the interior of the home, without a solid foundation, the whole thing could fall down! Even before the walls crumble, a crack in the foundation will allow water to seep in and ruin a great lower level family room.

Before hiring Castino Painting and Home Services to remodel your basement, it is vital to make sure that your basement is dry and will remain so. If water is seeping into your basement, mildew will supply the odor and mold will provide the damage. Mold is a deadly fungus that grows on practically any surface. If water is allows to penetrate the exterior walls of your home, the remodel will transform into a breeding ground for mold and make your home an unsafe place to live. Make sure to have any foundation cracks repaired before starting any remodeling project.

Castino’s Restoration division uses an epoxy that is specially formulated to permanently seal foundation crack. This permanent barrier will prevent water intrusion and keep your basement clean and dry. Even if you are not planning a basement remodel, a clean, dry basement is still important as mold will grow, even on concrete.

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