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At Castino Painting and Home Services, we are proud to offer stucco services to Wilmette homeowners as well as people who live across Chicago and the North Shore. In addition to Stucco, we offer Dryvit and EIFS services, as well.

Stucco Exteriors

Stucco has been a popular method for finishing a home’s exterior for decades. It’s been used for centuries, but over the past 20 years has become much more common. It’s a method that involves applying finishing plaster to the exteriors of buildings, and there are several benefits to it. First, it is easy to install, but it also provides visual appeal and energy efficient features to the buildings it is on. Past that, stucco can also be applied in different ways, to provide either a contemporary finish or to create the look of masonry or stone.

EIFS Service

EIFS, or an exterior insulation and finish system, is synthetic stucco. It is a product that has been used since just after World War II in Europe, and it was originally used to repair damaged stone, concrete, and brick structures.  Because of that, it’s thought to be a very durable material. That said, synthetic stucco is softer and has a hollow sound when tapped, compared to traditional stucco, which sounds solid when tapped, and is hard and brittle.

If you are interested in stucco for Wilmette homes or anywhere else around Chicago or the North Shore, feel free to contact Castino Painting and Home Services today. You can also browse our stucco gallery online and talk to our consultants about the look you’re trying to attain for your home.