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Ready to change the look of your home dramatically? Consider stucco or EIFS from Castino Painting and Home Services. We provide home improvement services to homeowners in Lake Forest, IL as well as across Chicago and the North Shore. Stucco is a durable yet visually appealing finishing system for the exterior of buildings. While it has been used for centuries, it has become increasingly popular for residential use in the past few decades.

Stucco Exteriors

Stucco has been used for centuries, but over the past few decades, has rapidly grown in popularity. Stucco is a commonly used method of applying finishing plaster to the exterior of homes and other buildings, and is popular for several reasons. Because it can be applied in different designs, it is both modern and visually appealing, but it is also very durable—stucco can last up to 50 years before needing to be replaced, so you will do far less maintenance over the course of its lifetime than if you had painted. It is also energy efficient.

EIFS Exteriors

An exterior insulation and finish system, or EIFS, is commonly referred to as synthetic stucco. EIFS is popular for many of the same reasons that traditional stucco is popular—it is durable, attractive, and energy efficient. It was first used after World War II in Europe, when it was applied to broken or damaged stone, concrete, or brick structures.

To learn more about stucco and EIFS for Lake Forest homes, or to see our online gallery, contact Castino Painting and Home Services. We also provide North Shore homeowners and other residents across Chicago with professional, high quality stucco and EIFS services, and we are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Find out today if stucco is right for your home.