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When you want to update or change the look of your home but want something a bit more unique than a regular paint job, stucco and EIFS services from Castino Painting and Home Servicesmay fit the bill perfectly. If you’re a homeowner in Kenilworthor anywhere else across Chicago, find out more today if stucco is right for your house.

Stucco Exteriors

Stucco exteriors consist applying finishing plaster to the outside of buildings. Stucco has been around for centuries, but over the past few decades, it’s grown more popular due to how unique it looks and how durable it can be. There are many benefits to using stucco in Kenilworth homes and elsewhere in Chicago’s North Shore, including the fact that it is easy to install, looks great, and is energy efficient. Additionally, it can give your home added curb appeal.

EIFS Exteriors

Another option that many people choose is an exterior insulation and finish system, or EIFS. Also known as synthetic stucco, EIFS has been used for decades and was originally chosen by contractors who used it to repair damaged stone, concrete, and brick structures in Europe after WWII.  Because of its durability, it’s become a popular choice for homeowners in Kenilworth and all over Chicago’s North Shore.

One of the main differences between the two materials is that while EIFS is softer and has a hollow sound when tapped, stucco is much more brittle and sounds solid when you tap it. Still, both are great surfaces for homes. View our stucco gallery to learn more about these types of exteriors, or if you’d prefer, contact Castino Painting and Home Services today for more information.