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Painting the inside of your home is one of the most common ways to change the appearance of each room. Whether you want to update the color choices your picked out when you first moved in or you want to change what the previous owners chose, we at Castino Painting and Home Services can bring your home’s interiors to the next level. Add a faux finish, a fun design to a kid’s room, or contrasting accents, and enjoy your brand new rooms.

Home Painting for Interiors

At Castino Painting, we offer Glencoe residents and homeowners all across Chicago’s North Shore the home painting services they’ve been looking for. We will work with you to ensure you find the perfect colors for your home, no matter what sort of mood you want to set.

Different colors can create different moods in rooms, so it’s important to consider what different shades and tones can do:

  • Light colors make smaller rooms look larger, so if you want to make a space appear roomier, pick light, bright colors. White reflects the most light.
  • Dark colors can make a room seem smaller than it is. If you don’t want that to happen, you can still use dark colors, but consider only using them as an accent.
  • Warm colors can create feelings of happiness and excitement.
  • Cool colors enhance concentration and calmness, making them good choices for home offices and bedrooms.

At Castino Painting and Home Services, we offer the technology that lets homeowners see what the colors they’re considering will look like in their home. Because our program uses photos of the client’s actual home, the rendering is quite accurate. If you want to find out what faux finishes or certain colors would look best in your Glencoe home, you’ll love this program. To find out more about our Glencoe home painting services, contact us today.

A message about lead paint and the new EPA Mandate
This notice is to advise our customers of the new EPA mandated Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) program. The program went into effect on 4/22/10 and was updated on 7/1/10. The purpose of the program is to protect against lead-based paint hazards associated with renovation, repair and painting. There is a mandate that contractors working in homes and child-occupied facilities built before 1978 be trained and certified in lead-safe work practices. We want you to know that Castino has been “lead certified” and we follow all EPA rules and regulations. Our Certification Number is NAT-19937-1. As of 7/1/10, homeowners cannot opt out of this mandate and non-compliance carries a $32,500 fine for contractors. Castino has the right to refuse any job dealing with lead paint. Please call us with any questions or concerns.