Ways to Breathe New Life into Old Rooms

Projects to Make Any Room Feel New

Summer is a great time for home improvement projects for a couple of reasons. One of the most important reasons is that you can leave doors and windows open in the summertime to keep your workspace free of fumes from paint, stripper, stain, etc. Another reason is that your partner and—if you have them—older children are around, and tend to be more energized, so you can utilize their help!

Unless you have other pressing projects to complete in your home, this summer might be a good time to vamp up a room that has begun to feel a little worn and drab. Unless you want it to be, this doesn’t have to be a major redecorating job. There are a few relatively quick and easy things that you can do that will instantly brighten up a room with a new kind of light. Below are four suggestions; you can do one or all of them, or pick and choose a few! Either one will make a dramatic difference in whatever room you are working on.

• Wood floors—get them, rip out the carpet that’s covering them, and/or strip, re-stain and re-seal them. Not only does wood flooring add a homey kind of beauty to a room (particularly a living room or sitting room), but it also adds value to your home. If you already have wood flooring that just needs to be redone, you’re lucky. Adding hardwood flooring is more time and labor-intensive. However, it is one of the most surefire ways to make a room feel like a completely new space.

Paint the walls. One of the best ways to make a room seem totally different is to go with a drastically different color than what’s already on your walls. Is your living room a powder blue? Think about taking the plunge and going a deep red, or maybe just beige with red highlights. When it comes to painting a room, the possibilities are virtually endless. According to interiordezine.com, certain colors have various effects on how a room feels, and how people feel when they are in them, so keep that in mind when selecting a color.

• Replacing your carpet or even simply getting your existing carpet cleaned can make a world of a difference in a room. If you decide to get new carpet, you will have a huge choice of types, colors, and even designs. But if you don’t want to go that far, just a cleaning can make your room look and feel much fresher.

• Another thing you can do either in conjunction with a paint job, or to just to jazz up your color is to add trim and molding to your walls and windows. Wood trim can make an area look both cozy and elegant at the same time. It adds definition, and is sure to change the overall feel of your room.