Fun and Tasteful Halloween Decorations

When Halloween rolls around everyone becomes a kid again. Candy, costumes and staying out late; what could be more fun? If you have kids of your own, or even if you don’t, decorating your home for Halloween can be an exciting activity. However, if you’re afraid of what the neighbors might think of your décor, try some of the tips below to create a tasteful, and inviting, Halloween-ready home.

Don’t go overboard. Avoid using too many decorations by choosing a select few products to decorate the exterior of your home. A cardboard cat, ghost, witch, spider, broom, etc., all thrown onto your windows can end up looking silly if used all at once without rhyme or reason. Just pick a few key decorative items that can actually highlight the beauty of your home!

Do create a simple scene in the yard. A simple bushel of hay and a few pumpkins and gourds on your front porch indicates to the world that you are welcoming fall and all of the holidays that come with it. Try a simple faux spider or one jack-o’-lantern to specify Halloween, and the hay can be altered slightly to celebrate Thanksgiving as well.

Don’t scare everyone away. While it’s fun to hang a doll from a noose off of the tree in front of your home, consider the affect this has on others walking by! Maybe consider going this route for the big night, but keep in mind gruesome witches hanging from a tree sends a specific message. Though if that’s what you want to say, then go for it. Just don’t be hurt when neighbors are afraid to stop by for treats.

Do make your front yard inviting. The whole point of Halloween is for children to come by on the magical night and ring your doorbell in search of candy. Line your front walkway with orange candle holders or jack-o’-lanterns showing your neighbors that you are anxious to have visitors at the front door. Creating these jack-o’-lanterns is a great way to get your kids involved. Carving pumpkins can be fun, family activity, and roasting the seeds is always a plus. Then, you can show the world what you’ve created as you invite them in.

Don’t use inflatables. For whatever reason, inflatable decorations have really become popular in the Chicagoland area lately. Some people love them and others hate them, but the fact of the matter is they’re bad for the environment. It takes energy to keep those suckers inflated, and that’s energy that is being wasted for aesthetic purposes. Also, the lifespan is very short, and the materials used to make the decoration will just sit in a landfill for years.  

Do create your own decorations. If you don’t want to break the bank or the environment, then make your own Halloween decorations this year! Stay tuned for Part II, which will provide a number of suggestions and hints on ways to make your own decorations!

When it comes down to it, of course you can do whatever you like to decorate your home, because you deserve to show everyone your style. However, if you’re worried about upset neighbors, then follow the tips above.

The most important tip to follow is to make sure to take your decorations down on November 1! Nothing is worse than Halloween decorations creeping into the middle of December. Also, pumpkins spoil and so you want to get those off your porch ASAP. Not to mention the neighbors kids might enjoy giving them a whack a few days after the holiday if they haven’t been removed. Have fun and happy scaring!

By Zipporah Porton
Castino Painting and Home Services