Tips for Building Children’s Bathrooms

To Re-Do or Re-Design: Tips for Building Children’s Bathrooms

From the first baths to toilet training, to bubble bath and bath time paint, it’s clear that children need a bathroom that’s much different than an adult’s bathroom.  While adults need a bathroom that’s a relaxing oasis, children need a bathroom that’s fun, accessible, safe, and easy to clean. But to get the perfect bathroom for your kids, should you spend the time and money remodeling, or can you achieve the results you want with simple redecorating?


When you move into a new home or decide to have children, you might want to consider remodeling some of the adult bathrooms in your home into more kid-friendly places. According to HGTV , you can make your bathrooms easier for kids to use by making sure there is plenty of space on either side of the toilet to help with potty training. You can also make sure sinks are high enough so children can reach them easily. Most importantly, you can remodel by changing cabinets and other furniture so no sharp corners or edges pose a threat to your children. Kohler  also recommends automatic faucets to reduce germs and make washing hands easier. Easy-to-turn shower and bath handles with temperature controls also make a a bathroom more kid-friendly.

Remodeling vs. Redecorating

While remodeling at least one of your home’s bathrooms to make it more appealing for your children can be a good decision if you plan to live in your home for a long time and plan to have several children, HGTV  notes that if you plan to have only one child or you plan to move, the remodel might not really be worth it. Why? For one, children do grow, and they grow quickly, so it will only be a matter of time before the remodeling you did to make your bathroom more kid-friendly is actually more uncomfortable for your children. In addition, your children won’t have customized bathrooms at school, daycare, or at any of the locations where they have routine activities, so getting them used to a kid-sized bathroom at home might cause difficulty when they leave. Finally, remodeling your bathroom for your children can actually decrease the value of your home, as most potential homeowners don’t see kid-sized, kid-designed bathrooms a a positive feature. If you don’t think remodeling is right for you, you can also redecorate to make at least one of your bathrooms more comfortable for your children.


According to Kohler , textures, colors, and toy storage are important components of a kid-friendly bathroom. If you have neutral colored walls and floors, you can add color through shower curtains, towels, artwork, and even kid-appealing fixtures like faucets and showers. In addition, Kohler recommends allowing a variety of textures into the bathroom, so kids will have fun feeling and examining each one of them, like smooth walls, rougher tiles, and glass windows or mirrors. You can also add bathroom accessories that make your bathroom easier for kids to use, including stepping stools, easy-to-use soap dispensers, and toy boxes for all of their tub toys.

Both remodeling and redecorating are great options for making your bathroom more kid-friendly. However, choosing to remodel or to redecorate depends on your goals and lifestyle. No matter what you choose, making your bathroom a bit more fun for your kids can encourage them to think of the bathroom as a fun place, even if they’re toilet training or hate bathing!