Tiled Walls Make Quick Transformation

Transforming your bathroom from a small, cramped room to a haven of relaxation can be challenging, especially when you have limited space to work with. And the options for reworking small bathrooms are often quite limiting, since major fixtures must be left in place unless you want to alter your plumbing drastically. Luckily, there is one large surface in the bathroom that you can touch, a surface that, when altered, does a great deal to change the look and the feel of the bathroom. That surface? The walls.

Why Tile?

You can alter the look and feel of your bathroom by changing your walls in a number of ways. You can opt for new paint, wallpaper, or even trim and new wall hangings. However, choosing to tile your previously untiled bathroom wall can drastically change the look of the room, even more than paint and wallpaper can! According to Susan Jablon Mosaics, tile can add “depth and color” to a room.

Full Tile, Partial Tile, or Trim

Add texture, depth, and intrigue to your bathroom by putting ceramic tile somewhere outside of the shower. For instance, you might choose to tile half the wall—from the to the sink—in a soft color, painting the rest of the wall with its darker complement. Full tiling of different colored tiles in a pattern can bring back a retro but classic look. And accenting or trimming your bathroom with tile adds depth where none was before. This gives a new appearance of sophistication to the bathroom. What was once merely functional is now beautiful, a beautiful place in which you can spend time and relax.

If you choose these tiling methods when renovatding your bathroom, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Color is important. If your bathroom is naturally small, and you’re hoping to turn it into a relaxation room, choose a light color. This will make your small spaces look larger and will naturally lighten your mood.
  • Remember that light colored tile will need to be constantly cleaned (http://www.hometime.com/Howto/projects/ctile/tile_14.htm) so that it can be kept looking new. Do this to avoid breakdown in the grout as well. This way, you will avoid having to replace this tile.


Mosaic tiling is a beautiful, artistic way to transform any bathroom from a shower room to a spa-like atmosphere. Beautiful mosaic tiling pairs colors and patterns to create an attractive work of art on your bathroom wall. However, unless you are an artist, hiring a professional to do your mosaic tiling is beneficial, as professionals know the right combination of color and patterns. Ill-formed mosaics can be a blemish rather than an asset on your bathroom wall. But a beautiful mosaic can be the conversation piece of your home.

No matter what kind of tiling you choose for your bathroom transformation, remember that tile is only as attractive as it is clean and maintained. Properly cared for and well-installed tile, however, can continue to make a bathroom attractive for decades.