Throw a Great Bears Football Party This Year!

During the summer in Chicago and the North Shore area, sports fans are divided between the Cubs and the White Sox. This divide isn’t necessarily north vs. south, as there are plenty of people in the North Shore that are fans of the Sox, and many south siders enjoy trips to Wrigley. As summer turns into fall, northern Illinois is united again for one cause: Da Bears!

This fall, why not throw a great party for your friends and family to come over to watch a Bears football game? Even if you’re not a sports fan, you can still throw a great football party. Invite your crazy sports fiends and anyone else who loves good drinks and snacks, because everyone enjoys a party!

The first step to any party is to give the house a good cleaning. If you’re inviting friends that come by all the time, then you really only need to clean up the common areas. However, if people are going to want a tour, then you’ll need to get the whole house ready. Nothing is worse than going to a party where you can tell the host/hostess didn’t make an effort.

Obviously, for a Bears party you’re going to need a TV and sound system. There is no need to go out and buy anything new, just make sure your TV is big enough for everyone to see the game. Also, make sure everything is in working order!
Once the TV is ready, arrange the furniture so that there are plenty of spots for everyone to get a good vantage point. Estimate how many people will really be coming, and do your best to have a seat for everyone. Worst case scenario a few people can sit on the floor, but as the host/hostess of the party you should be one of them.

With the room ready for the game, it’s time to prepare some drinks and snacks! Be careful to have the appropriate refreshments for all of your guests. Choose a variety of alcoholic beverages, ranging from beer to wine to hard liquor. There’s no need to buy every different type of alcohol in the store, but it’s nice to have options. Your friends will also probably bring drinks, but you can’t assume this will happen if you don’t ask, and therefore make sure you have enough available.

You don’t have to serve a three-course meal, and with football games where guests are glued to the tube finger foods are perfect. Have meats and vegetarian items available, because undoubtedly there will be a guest or two who doesn’t eat meat or doesn’t like the items being served. Also, have a few healthy items in your spread in case you have a dieter or someone who likes to be healthy. Carrot sticks and hummus are a safe choice, or a plate of edemame will do the same trick. Lastly, try buying/baking some fun cookies or cupcakes with Bears-related frosting and decorations to liven the party.

The food’s ready to go, so how about some decorations? Some items can be found at your local North Shore grocery store. Most will have balloons, napkins or plates, but if not you can also buy blue and orange napkins and plastic silverware. Or, visit a party store for some decorations, such as Card & Party Giant in Glenview.

Your home is now ready for the party, and you’ve got supplies, snacks, drinks, and everything else you need to have a fun time with your friends enjoying a day of Bears football. Last, but not least, make sure that a Packers fans doesn’t spoil your fun!

By Zipporah Porton
Castino Painting and Home Services