The Resurgence of Wallpaper

The late 90s and early 2000s saw a serious detour away from wallpaper. The 70s and 80s décor styles were laced with wallpaper, but as design became more simplistic, so did the desire for decorated walls. Designers steered away from covering walls and stuck to painting them.

But over the last few years, wallpaper is making a comeback! Technological advancements in the manufacturing process, intricacy of the designs, available textures, and how wallpaper is installed has sparked a renewed interest in using wallpaper in residential design. Wallpaper has always remained a central theme in nursing home design, as it provided a way to help distinguish rooms for elderly patients and brighten the rooms up with adding items that could cause damage.

According to HGTV, wallpaper is room-transforming and has style-defining powers! Wallpaper is also used to add luxury and opulence not achievable from other treatments. Think of wallpaper as a room accessory, much like cufflinks or earrings.

Texture is the big thing in wallpaper. Adding texture to a focal or feature wall adds visual interest and dimension to a room. For a contemporary room, try a grass cloth style paper that adds texture, but is still neutral and won’t take away from more prominent patterns. For the eco-responsible and those who want a lot of texture, jute, made from a plant, is woven and made into wallpaper. Woven Jute wall coverings are available in many colors to fit any room.

Make your bedroom glamorous with wallpaper. The tone-on-tone or contrasting light on dark/dark on light traditional patterns have a shiny glaze for even added drama. Shine is also added to wallpaper with metallic paint or paper pressed in. Bold geographic patterns are in, as well as stripes and florals.

If you can’t find the wallpaper that has just the color you want, then paintable wallpaper is the solution for you. The available patterns and textures are endless in paintable wallpaper. This is an especially great solution if you have walls that are heavily damaged, requiring extensive patch and repair. This can be applied over most cracks and holes serving as the perfect backdrop for your favorite color.

There are special wallpapers designed for kitchen and bath applications that are able to resist moisture and the occasional splatter of cake batter. If you are ready to do your kitchen backsplash, check out the wallpaper that is designed to look like ceramic tile! It is made to withstand cooking and water abuse and wipes clean! You have to touch it to tell it’s not real. Wallpaper has come a long way!

While sometimes expensive, wallpaper can instant interest for less money than a textured treatment or hand painted mural for those on a budget. The key is to search for the perfect paper and then shop around for a great price, and a great company to install for you! Wallpaper hanging isn’t easy, and can be messy if you aren’t a pro. So leave it to the professionals to ensure that your wallpaper is hung right, the repeat matches, and that it doesn’t fall down in a month! Castino’s Painting and Decorating Service is experienced in removing existing wallpaper, repairing the walls whether drywall or plaster, and hanging new wallpaper. Now is the time to make family and friends envious of your spectacular design skills. Only you will know who helped you!

By Eugenia Orr
Castino Services