The Many Shades of White

Everyone knows that wearing white after Labor Day is a no-no, but for your walls, it’s a whole different story. The attitude toward white walls can go either way – some think it’s boring and choose to stay as far away as possible, while others prefer the safety net that comes in a plain white interior paint job. However, if you do your research, you’ll see that white can be anything but plain.

White can be a great choice for any room, because it allows homeowners to easily match their current furniture to their new walls. However, if you thought deciding to go white would make things easier, you might be out of luck. Not all shades of white are created equal, giving you a lot more to think about, whether you want to or not. Rather than fearing the burden of too many choices, embrace the chance to use a simple shade of white to enhance the energy of your home.

Benjamin Moore offers a collection of 140 different white and off-white colors alone. Behr, another popular brand, also has numerous of shades of white, with each shade showing a different personality. Many decorators admit that it can be much more challenging to use white than choosing the right colors. Therefore, the question remains: how can you figure out which shade of white is the right one for your needs?

A great tip for choosing a shade of white is to approach the challenge in the same way that you would a color. You can easily follow the same basic rules and use white to warm up or cool off a space and manipulate the way the room is perceived. Use whites with red or yellow undertones, considered warmer shades, to create excitement and promote cheerfulness. For rooms where relaxation is in order, go for a shade of white with hints of cooler undertones, such as blue and green.

Another great thing about white is that it can be used in any room. And since it is neutral, it gives that room an overall peaceful vibe. Some say that white works the best in bathrooms and bedrooms, but you can be creative and use it wherever you like. Also, white reflects light and can create an illusion of space to make a small area look larger, and give a room an open feel.  However, you have to be careful not to choose a bright white that will make the room feel sterile, which is why off-white and shades of white can be so attractive.

On Benjamin Moore’s list of top selling bedroom colors, you’ll find White Satin and Misty Lilac, both shades of white. White Satin has a soft, blue undertone, while Misty Lilac appears as more of a stoic grey. If one of your friends has a great color on their walls that appears to be plain white, make sure to ask them the name of the shade, because you might be admiring a white that you’ll never be able to identify in the store.  

In the end, choosing the perfect paint colors for your home can be a scary and overwhelming experience. Don’t worry, you’re not in this alone! Castino Painting has a number of design professionals on hand to help you decipher the different shades of white, as well as colors, and find the right interior paint to fit your needs.

By Zipporah Porton
Castino Painting and Home Services