Spring Cleaning the Smart Way

Spring has sprung! The flowers are blooming and the weather is warming. It’s an exciting time of year, both for you and your kids. And although you want your kids to get some fresh air and exercise by playing outside, it can be hard to keep the spring outdoors (and off your carpets and walls) when you have a brood of cooped-up children just seeing the end of winter.

That’s why spring cleaning can take on a double meaning. Sure, you may be in the midst of re-organizing your home and reducing clutter to usher in the season, but you’re also probably trying to keep up with the kids just to keep your house sanitary!

If you are tackling spring cleaning with both hands, there are a few tips that can help you stay on top of the jobs and help them overlap just a bit.

Re-consider the color of your walls. If you have a light color, especially white, on your walls, remember that it shows dirt far more easily than another, darker color that can still augment your style. Despite the fact that white is a calm color, if you have little ones, white walls can be more frustrating than soothing. As you complete your spring organizing, think about painting your walls when you’ve moved everything from the room, or into a manageable stack in the middle.

Don’t shampoo your carpet. Even if you have kids that forget to take off their shoes or who have grass-stained feet from running around barefoot, you should not purchase a DIY carpet cleaner and shampooing agent. Carpet shampooing can actually make the carpet sticky, attracting the dirt. Instead, you should simply clean your carpet with soap and water or call a professional carpet cleaner. Or you can always try the third option–getting hardwood floors, something many parents feel helps them keep their piece of mind when they think about accident and spills.

Watch out for wet. Whether it’s a wet basement from the April showers or a spilled vase full of May flowers, make sure you attack wetness right away. Wet carpets, floors, and other parts of your home can lead to mold, which can lead to danger to your and your children’s health. Professional flood repair workers can help you manage everything from reoccurring wetness to serious flood damage.

When spring rolls around, you are probably as eager as your kids to get out of the house, but spring cleaning might mandate you stay in. If you’re extending your spring cleaning process by cleaning up after the kids, the tips above can help you conserve your time (and your sanity)!