Spring 2013 – Getting your home ready!

While Mother Nature is seeing fit to leave Chicago’s North Shore with a little last taste of winter, it is never too early to get your house ready from Spring. Since the outside will have to wait until it warms, now is the time to get the inside of your house ready!

Spring cleaning can begin with new bedding. Change out heavier colors and fabric linens for white, bright cottons and silks. Vacuum carpets and rugs, doing both sides of rugs which will make your rugs last longer. While it may be too soon to swap your winter wardrobe for summer shorts, is it a perfect time to purge any items that you did not wear at all this winter. There will be less to pack and store, making the whole process easier.

In the bathroom, change out your toothbrush, clean or replace sponges and loofahs, and put out fresh towels. Don’t forget to change rugs to match the towels and place an orchid on the vanity to bring Spring in. Take down drapery, trading for lighter fabrics, or clean and put back up. Don’t forget to clean blinds and window sills.

Even though you may still be using a shovel, take stock on your lawn and garden tools. Before the weather warms, lawn and garden care items are actually less expensive than in the heart of the season. Now is the time to make sure the lawnmower works and shovels and rakes are rusted.

When the snow melts you will need to make sure your gutters are clear and the roof is clear. Castino Home Services can help you prepare for the grilling season and outdoor entertaining. Pick up fresh dirt and pots for spring flowers and a garden. Getting your home ready for Spring is easy with a little planning and preparation!