Snow Removal Options

From Traditional to Futuristic: Snow Removal Options that will have you Begging for Winter

No matter how much you or your kids love snow, you have to admit that removing it is usually not a recreational activity. Snow angels and snowmen might be a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon, but snow plowing, blowing, and shoveling is usually something you try to hand off to the kids or the neighborhood teen who’s trying to save up a few bucks for Christmas. However, snow removal has changed over the years. The following are a few different ways that you can get rid of snow on your driveway this Christmas—some of which you might be pretty eager to try out.

At-Home Snowplows

If you have a pickup truck, lawnmower , or recreational vehicle (like an ATV or go kart), you can quickly make a homemade snowplow that makes snow removal an adventure. Many of these items come with snow plow blades that you can purchase, and some of the more adventurous try to make snow plow blades out of the materials they have laying around the house. And when you make snowplowing a little more like off-roading, it becomes a lot more fun!

Snow Blowers
Available in electric or gas form, snow blowers can be fun if you have little kids that are still fascinated by them. The newer, electric snow blowers, though not as powerful, can save you time because they don’t take as much time to start up or to maintain throughout the year. However, using snow blowers is still burdensome for many.

Heated Driveways

That’s right—they’re here! We have had heated floors and heated seats for a while, why not heated driveways This latest innovation in snow removal melts the snow in front of your eyes—you don’t have to do anything! Of course, they’re expensive, but it certainly is exciting to see the snow melt away and your driveway clear without your ever having to pick up a shovel.

De-Icing Agents

Salt and other de-icers can be a quick way to melt down your driveway if you don’t have a self-heating driveway and you don’t want to put your back into the hard work of shoveling. However, you need to watch these agents around your clothes, and if you’re relying on them to get through the winter, stock up or you could be snowed in.

Professional Snow Removers

Because so many at-home snowplows are now available, it’s a bit harder to tell the difference between a professionals now remover and a guy with a pickup truck who wants to make a buck. If you’re going to call a professional—which can really save you a lot of hassle in the end—you should make sure it’s really a professional you’re calling. Make sure the company is established and has gotten good reviews, and be careful to give good instructions to the removal professional, like explaining if there is an electrical box or fire hydrant on your property.

Thanks to some of the newer methods of snow removal, getting your driveway clear of snow has never been easier—or more fun. But if it’s just not something you feel like spending your time doing, you can always call a professional, and you’ll be out of your driveway in minutes.