Popular Color Schemes for Home Exteriors

If you’ve just moved into a new home and want to make it feel more like your own, or you want to give your current home a facelift, one of the best ways to do so is to paint the exterior of the house.  Painting your house is a relatively quick and easy way to dramatically change the way a property looks, and because the sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing colors, you’ll be sure to find something that’s your taste when picking colors. Depending on the style you prefer for your home, there are a number of different combinations you’ll find appealing.


If you prefer your home to look relatively similar to the other homes on your block, traditional coloring will be your best bet. Think of combinations such as a tan home, black or dark navy shutters, and a brick red door, or a light gray home, with off-white shutters and a buttercup yellow door. Traditional homes are gorgeous but don’t step too far outside the box when it comes to décor. Choosing colors that have remained in style for some time ensures that the home will fit in among many other homes in your neighborhood. If you prefer something a bit more updated yet still subdued, choose a stone/natural green shade, accented with cream-colored shutters, a mahogany door, and olive green accents.


If you prefer the look of warm, inviting, adobe-style homes, you can consider upgrading to stucco or EIFS and painting it in a shade reminiscent of southwestern locales. Combinations such as tan, camel and tea-brown are great, as are ecru, tan and gray-blue. These combinations evoke the spirit of the southwest and the desert, especially if a portion of the house is outfitted with stone or brick.  Go for shades that mimic sand and sunset, and use the desert as inspiration and you’ll be able to put something great together.

Beachside Property

Whether you live near water, or just like the color palettes associated with beachfront living, you’ll love the unique color combinations that come with painting your home as though you live on the shore. Think bright yellow as the base color, bright white trim, and olive green shutters. Or, for a more toned down yet still interesting combination, paint your home a neutral ecru or off white, and accent it with a burlap shade that is just a few tones darker. Then, for a pop of color, paint the door and shutters a dusty, dark turquoise. Another combination that’s popular for beachfront living is a dockside blue—a pale, gray blue—paired with ivory shutters and white accents, with a dark roof.


Finally, if you prefer modern combinations for home exteriors, consider a tawny, cardboard-esque shade of tan, accented with a buff-beige and dark bronze-brown.  Or, go for the popular, muted grays that are wildly popular—pick a stone gray for the base, accent it with a bright white, then choose a toned-down black (or a very, very dark gray) for the shutters. Want something a bit bolder? Choose a barn-style red for the base color, accent it with a bone color, and choose a deep, dark navy for the shutters—the true American dream home come to life.

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