Organized Kids are Happy Kids!

Organized Kids are Happy Kids with Happy Parents: How to Organize All Your Kids’ Stuff!

You wake up in the morning, swing your legs to the side of the bed, and hop off, only to immediately feel a burst of sharp pain surging through your foot. Once again, you’ve managed to step on a toy train or a plastic doll that your little one left behind. If this is your life, you’re like most parents. Although they want their homes, especially their children’s toys, to be neat and orderly, most parents just don’t seem to know how to make that happen. But sometimes, getting your kids’ stuff organized just requires thinking like an organized person. Here are a few tips to help you train your mind.

1. Understand that “getting organized” can be extremely scary and frustrating to someone who doesn’t know how to do it, especially if that someone is a child.

Have you ever gotten overwhelmed when trying to implement a new system of organization into your home? For a while, you’re going full steam ahead—different items go into different boxes. One shelf is ready, and another is being cleaned off. But then you stop. You’re not sure what to do or where to go from here. Suddenly, the whole process seems overwhelming, and you worry that you’ll never make a dent. Now, imagine that you are a child, and you’re being told to clean your room, but no one’s ever showed you how. Face it, that’s a pretty challenging experience. And this is why the Organized Home Blog recommends getting on your child’s level and organizing your child’s room to meet his or her needs. This might mean hangers instead of dresser drawers, etc. Doing this not only makes the room more accessible to your child, but it will also make your child more likely to organize in the future. Through customizing the child’s room for the child, you begin to teach your child the principals of organization, making the process less frightening for even the littlest ones. And when your child feels more comfortable organizing, you’re likely to get a cleaner house on a routine basis! Plus, kids who know how to organize won’t have to stress over the process when they’re older.

2. Realize that kids can get very easily confused when you give them instructions about cleaning their rooms.

“Go put that in the bin!” You issue this command with a picture of “the bin” in your mind—it’s clear, or red, or blue, or black. It’s in a certain room of your house, and it might have a label of some sort. But even though you have all this information in your mind, you don’t impart it to your child. And if you did, she’d probably be more confused than she is now, walking around with a toy, not sure where it goes, and eventually sticking it in some couch crevice or underneath some door because she’s just not getting it. Home cleaning guru Martha Stewart has an answer to solve this problem. She, like most moms, thinks that stackable storage containers are the best thing since disposable diapers, but she suggests making them a little friendlier for the kids who will have to learn to use them. Instead of a written label, which most little ones can’t read, she suggests that you print and laminate a picture of what goes in the bin, sticking the graphic on the bin itself. This helps kids become less frustrated as they try to figure out what goes where.

3. Remember: You’re Not a Kid
Like it’s hard to forget! But you should remember that while you can get excited about getting organized and getting clean because it makes you feel good, your kids probably won’t see it the same way that you do. So to make organizing your kids’ things more kid-friendly, and to get your kids to help, try incorporating colors, cool designs, and organizational tools that look like toys. Good Housekeeping suggests several organizational tools made just for kids, but you can also build your own personalized bright shelves and storage areas.

To get your kids’ things organized, you need to think like a kid! By changing the way you think, hopefully you can change the way your room looks and the way your child acts when you ask him to clean it!