Let the Kids do the Decorating?

Let the Kids do the Decorating? Why it’s Not Such a Bad Idea.

The thought of giving your kids the paint brush and letting them attack the walls is enough to give any mother goosebumps. After all, isn’t, “Keep the color on the paper,” a mother’s mantra? Although very few people would probably encourage you to let your child make over an entire house, there are some distinct benefits to allowing your kids to help with the decorating, especially the decorating that’s going on in their rooms.

Decorating Gives Kids Ownership

Why do we bother decorating our homes at all? That’s easy, because we like to feel comfortable, live in a home that shows how we express ourselves, organize that home in a way that is convenient for us. Believe it or not, kids feel that way too. Imagine how you would feel if you hated blue but had to spend most of your day in a blue room. You would probably start feeling a little blue, right? By letting kids express themselves through the decorating of their rooms–including choosing the wall color or paper, the theme, and/or the accents–they begin to feel like they own and are comfortable in their rooms.

Ownership Leads to Care

When your kids really like their rooms, when they really feel as if their rooms are “theirs,” they are more likely to treat that room with care. (Yes, that means there might be a shorter fight when it comes to room cleaning, though no one can guarantee it!) They will be less likely to ruin their rooms through writing on walls, not cleaning up messes and allowing friends and/or siblings to do these things.

Decorating Teaches Kids Important Grown Up Lessons

Helping your kids decorate their rooms allows you to address some important concepts that all kids should learn. For instance, it’s a great time to talk about budget and finance–about shopping around, purchasing quality goods at an affordable price, and deciding what you can do by yourself and what you need to hire out. The process also gets kids start to think about the long term. For instance, they know they’re only going to get one framed poster (because more than one is out of their budgets), so they have to decide whether or not they will realistically like Justin Beiber in a year.

Although it probably wouldn’t be wise to allow your teens to decorate your family room while you’re on vacation, encouraging them to decorate their rooms can have these important advantages!