Modifications You Can Do Before the Holidays

Turkeys are on sale at the supermarket, and malls are advertising black Friday sales—it’s obvious that Thanksgiving is on it’s way. Thanksgiving dinner can be a wonderful time for friends and family to come together, the one time each year that you spend dwelling on the good, the things you’re thankful for. But for those in charge of Thanksgiving dinner, the holiday can also be a stressful time of making sure potatoes are mashed and stuffing is stuffed. Having a crowded and uncomfortable kitchen can make that stress even worse. If you’re the chef behind this year’s thanksgiving, luckily, there are a few ways that you can quickly re-design your kitchen to make it more accommodating for this year’s thanksgiving festivities.

Creating Space
For the holidays, there are always too many cooks in the kitchen, so you need as much space as you can get—both for your guests and the food they’ll be eating. These simple tips can help you quickly create more space in your kitchen:

1) Get a custom-built kitchen island (,,599050,00.html). Although you can buy kitchen islands at many home improvement stores, a custom-built island can be specifically designed to meet your kitchen’s size and design.

2) Create more counter space. According to About.Com (, getting new kitchen counters is a two-day job. If you have a professional install that counter space, you won’t even need to worry about spending those two days fretting over the job. You can simply do your pre-Thanksigiving shopping and let your professional installer worry about making your kitchen beautiful for the big day.

Creating Ambiance
In addition to making your kitchen more user-friendly, you can also make it look good for the big day. After all, what’s better on Thanksgiving than a warm and comfortable kitchen? The following ideas are quick ways to create ambiance for your Thanksgiving dinner by remodeling your kitchen:

1) Install new kitchen cabinets or re-face the cabinets you already have. Although it may seem cumbersome, cabinets installation is actually quite fast and simple when it’s done by a seasoned professional. Cabinet refacing (, which allows you to keep the same cabinet structure that you already have while giving your cabinet doors a fresh look, is even easier.

2) Change your flooring ( Replacing old, yellowing linoleum with fresh linoleum, tile, or hardwood floor is another job that is actually much faster than you would think! And replacing that old fashioned, old-looking floor with a classy, new floor can make all the difference when it comes to your kitchen’s ambiance.

3) Light up your life—or at least your kitchen. Changing the lighting in your home can go a long way in changing it’s look and feel. Add brighter, softer lights in the form of lamps and candle lighting to make your home more homey for the holidays.

This year, show your family how thankful you are for them by sprucing up your kitchen for a more comfortable Thanksgiving.