Home Organizing

When people think of organizing or de-cluttering their home, many feel like lying down until the mood passes!

Instead of taking on the complete task, which can be very overwhelming, take it on in small chunks. Accomplish one area, feel good about what you just did, and then plan the next.

Here are some helpful tips to get you started for organized space that feels good!

 1.     Keep all of your current needed information together in one spot such as a TO DO list, calendar, bills to pay, a pending file, etc.

 2.     Everything has a place, if not, make one! You want to make a mental note of where you put things, so that you don’t spend time looking for things that are lost.

 3.     Put things away – now – not later! If you set it down with the intention of doing it later, it doesn’t always happen.

 4.     Maintain and clean as you go. This will keep the cleaning job small and easy.

 5.     Garages are good to do in summer, basements in winter.

 6.     Use storage bins and label your stuff!

 7.     Turn hangars in your closet the backward way. When you take something out and put it back, put it in the right way. All hangars that are backward are clothes that haven’t been worn. This is an easy way to sort through your closet and determine which clothes are no longer wanted.

 8.     For small spaces, like small closets or dorm rooms, think vertical. For example, make use of a hanging grid to hang on the wall. This will give you options so you can customize your space. You would be surprised how much you can store on the walls and have easy access to it.

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 Ronna Wisbrod, Organization by Ronna ltd.