Happy (Organized) Holidays

Happy (Organized) Holidays: How to Get Presents and Decorations Organized and Keep them That Way!

If you’re like many, the day after Christmas left you thinking, “What do I do with all this stuff?” You’re also probably wondering about how you’re going to tackle the jobs of taking down the tree, the outdoor lights, the indoor decorations, etc. and keeling them all pristine for next year. If you’re worrying, stop. Worrying can actually make the problem worse; you’ll get overwhelmed, and then you won’t be able to think creatively enough to develop an organizational system for everything you have to put away. Instead, be optimistic, realize this could take some time, and use the ideas below to get started!

Container Storage

No, it’s not container gardening, but your Christmas spirit will certainly grow next year if you use a container storage method. Today, there are a number of specialty containers especially designed just for different kinds of Christmas decorations, like tree containers, ornament organizers, and wrapping paper storage containers. According to Zen Habits  one of the best ways to keep organized is to throw things away before you begin the storage process, so get out your trash can, and throw away bits of wrapping paper you won’t use, broken decorations, etc. After you’ve sorted your decorations into containers, About.Com  suggests labeling them, as well as numbering the first box so you start in the right place next year.

Reorganize Your Home

Now that you have to find a place for all of your kids’ new toys, as well as your own presents, take the opportunity to reorganize your home. Use shelves, closets, containers, closet organizers, cabinets, and other components to create a home organized around cleanliness and the items that you use most. If you put your most-used items in the most accessible place, you have a greater chance of keeping your home organized until next year.

Identify Breakables

For most items, disorganization just means frustration, but for breakables like ornaments and some decorations, disorganization can be fatal. To avoid breaking fragile items, be sure to store them safely and label their boxes. About.Com  recommends storing Christmas ornaments in the box they came in, which might be the perfect size and have the right amount of insulation. The web site also suggests wrapping ornament boxes in wrapping paper. That way, you know which items are ornaments, and you can pay them more special care when taking them out next year. No matter which organization method you use, keeping your Christmas presents and decorations orderly will free your home of clutter and keep you at peace next year!