Fun and Easy Halloween Crafts for Everyone

Now that you know how to tastefully decorate your home for Halloween, it’s time to get even more excited about the spook-filled holiday by creating fun and easy crafts. The projects below can be used as decorations, or they can just be an activity for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you have 10 kids or zero, here are some creative and inexpensive Halloween crafts that are also eco-friendly!

Crazy Eyes – These silly eye decorations can sit on your windowsill and “watch” the neighbors approach your door on Halloween.

You’ll need: Ping-pong balls, markers, battery-powered tea lights, paper, scissors

Ping-pong balls don’t last forever, and dented ones that are no longer usable would be perfect for this project. Cut an “X” into the bottom of the ping-pong ball (preferably where there is a dent!) so that it can be attached to the tea light. Then, take your markers and draw a huge eye on one side of the ball. You can use the paper to create eyelashes or anything else to attach to the back of the “eyes.” Your drawing can be realistic, or it can be abstract and colorful. Turn on the tea lights to watch these peepers glow.

Egg Carton Spider – Recycle your old egg cartons into a spider to hang from your windows, doors and ceiling.

You’ll need: Egg carton, googly eyes, glue, scissors, markers, pipe cleaners, thread

Cut out each of the egg holders so that you have 12 separate “cups.” Turn the egg holders upside down and this will be the head and body of your spider. Decorate the face on the front any way you like with the markers and googly eyes (optional). Then, poke a hole on the top of the “head” and put a string through if you want to hang your spider from somewhere. Tie a knot inside the egg carton so the thread will stay in place.

For the legs, glue four pipe cleaners onto each side of the egg holder, or you can poke holes on the sides and slide the pipe cleaner halfway through. Bend the pipe cleaners to make the spider stand on its own. You can paint your egg carton black and use black pipe cleaner, or you can leave the egg carton grey and use multi-color pipe cleaners for a rainbow spider.

Scary Lanterns: These scary, or pretty if you’d like, lanterns are a great way to decorate your walkway, and also allows you to reuse old cans that can be recycled after Halloween.

You’ll need: Tin cans, water, soap, hammer, nail, items to decorate the can

Take some empty tin cans and clean them thoroughly with soap and water. Fill the cans with water to freeze overnight. The ice will keep the can from collapsing during the next step, and when you’re done decorating simply let the ice melt. When the ice is solid, use a nail and hammer to punch holes on the side of the can for light to escape (this is a job for an adult). You can create a design with the holes, or just place them wherever you like. Now the can is ready for decorating! Use paint, glitter, jewels, paper, feathers or anything you have lying around the house to decorate the cans. Put a tea light or battery-powered candle inside, and then line them in the window or along your walkway.

These are just a few of many Halloween craft projects that can brighten up your holiday. Happy decorating!

By Zipporah Porton