Designing a Stunning, User-Friendly Garage

The kids old clothes, things that you don’t quite want but that you know are too valuable to get rid of, decorations for all of the holidays—no matter what it is, it seems like it all ends up in the garage. And if you’ve been putting things in the garage on a daily or monthly basis, you’ll soon find that your car is getting lost among the bags and boxes.

While one of the functions of the garage is certainly storage, it also serves many other purposes. If you’re a hobbyist, the garage can be a wonderful place for you to retreat to work on your projects. If you’re kids are in a band, the garage is the perfect place for practice. And if you like to fix your own car, the garage is the perfect place to keep you working during rain or shine. But if you’re letting clutter ruin your garage, you’re loosing the most versatile room in your home. By cleaning out the clutter and adopting a custom car design that’s perfect for the purpose(s) you want your garage to serve, you can make the most of your space.

Cleaning out the Clutter

Before you start going through the clutter in your garage, you need to have a system in place. If you start to work without a system, you’ll get easily frustrated because you won’t know where to put the items you’re sifting through. Find a system that works for you. Some enjoy using storage bins and cabinets, while gravitate more toward an easy-access system of heavy-duty drawers. According to the DIY Network , garage shelving can be a great way to get organized. Shelves are wonderful for those who like to use the garage for temporary storage because items can quickly and easily be organized and re-organized.

After you choose your storage system, you’ll need to begin the process of sorting through and organizing your belongings. If you’re storing larger items in your garage, you might want to consider getting a storage unit or having a custom-built storage shed built on your property. This way, you’ll clear up the area that you need for workspace while still keeping your stored items close at hand.

Designing the Perfect Garage

Once you’ve cleared out the clutter, you’re ready to adopt a design plan that turns your garage into a classy place to work or play . Before you begin, think about what purpose you would like your garage to serve. Do you want it to be a workroom for your car restoration efforts or a recording studio for your band? This decision will help you as you choose your garage design. If you want your garage to be a shop, for instance, you might want to keep concrete flooring so that oil and other fluids don’t stain your tile. But if you’re looking to turn your garage into a studio for your band, you might want to choose building materials that will allow for the best possible sound. To consider different ideas before you build, consider getting some garage design software in addition to talking to a custom carpentry professional While prefab garage kits do exist, a custom carpentry professional can work with you to make sure your garage looks the way you want it to look. In addition, a custom carpentry professional can make sure your garage is sturdy and strong, built to last.

No matter what your hobbies, a custom garage can give you a place to enjoy them. If you clean out the clutter and design the garage that’s right for you, you’ll soon find that designing a special space with your needs in mind isn’t as difficult as it might seem at first.