Five Steps to Washing Your Vinyl Siding

From Snow Blower to Pressure Washer: Five Steps to Washing Your Vinyl Siding

It’s that time of year again when the snow blowers go away and the pressure washers come out. People are ready for warm weather and the outdoor activities that go with them. And when they’re participating in outdoor activities, they don’t want to have to stare at a dirty house. However, thanks to the ice and snow of the winter months, odds are most houses are pretty dirty by this point.

But if your house uses vinyl siding, you’re in lock! Cleaning this type of siding isn’t difficult, but it also isn’t a walk in the park. Cleaning vinyl siding can be slow going because you must attack the worst spots by hand with bleach and water, says Ehow. If you’re starting the siding cleaning process this spring, the following process can help to make that a whole lot easier for you.

Prepare your home for cleaning by covering outlets and light fixtures and moving your furniture.
According to DIY Life, your first step in the cleaning process should be looking for mold. The web site notes that mold will turn white when touched with bleach while dirt will stay black. This is a fast and easy way for you to find mold on a building.

If there is mold, you’ll need to be especially sure it’s gone after you’ve washed the siding. Taking care of mold right away can help protect your family, and there are a number of professionals in the area who can help you if mold remains after you’ve washed the siding.

Get a bucket of bleach and water and take care of the dirtiest parts of the home.
Take out your power washer, and spray down the rest of the home. You don’t have to use a sprinkle, but make sure the water pressure isn’t too great. If it is, it’s easy for water to get into the walls and you can have another mold problem all over again.

Although cleaning siding can look like a daunting task, it’s easy to finish in five simple steps. Of course, for those who don’t have a power washer and don’t want to rent one and for those who simply don’t have the desire or time, professional agencies will often clean your siding for you for a fee. But no matter how you start your washing, you better get too it. Summer (and its summer yard activities) is just around the corner.