Do I Have to Get My Carpet Cleaned?

As a homeowner, there are so many things to think about to make sure your precious home is in tip-top shape. There are windows to clean, appliances to maintain, walls to paint and carpets/rugs to vacuum. The last thing on your mind is having those carpets and rugs professionally cleaned, especially when you’re committed to vacuuming once a week.

The question in your mind might be “Do I really have to get my carpet cleaned?” If you want your carpets to last longer and really eliminate all the dust and dirt that collects in those fibers, then the answer is “yes.” If you’re wealthy enough to just replace your rugs and carpets yearly, then by all means forgo a thorough cleaning. However, wouldn’t you rather use that money to take a trip to Aruba in the middle of a frigid North Shore winter?

The truth of the matter is that vacuums do not get all of the dirt out of carpet fibers. Even if you’ve got a powerful Dyson DC28 Animal that set you back $600, you’re not going to be able to suck everything out of your carpets and rugs. If you can commit to a regular professional cleaning every six to twelve months, you can extend the life of your carpets. Not to mention a cleaning will help them look fresh and new again!

If you have a furry friend living in your home, it’s even more important that you find the time to have your carpets cleaned. Even hypo-allergenic pups like Shih Tzus and Bichon Frises leave behind hair and dander, which can just sit in your carpets despite an intense vacuum session. Just imagine what remains behind when you’ve got a hairy Newfoundland or a Persian cat! You might not be allergic to the little shedding friends, but visitors with allergies or even asthma will notice if all that hair isn’t properly eliminated from your carpet or rugs.

Even if you don’t have pets, there are still many pollutants that can end up in your carpets. Try as you might to have everyone remove their shoes before entering your home, sometimes it doesn’t happen. And you have to admit that once or twice you’ve gotten your strappy shoes on and realized you’ve left something important inside the house. Tiptoeing through the hallway with your shoes on can’t make that much of a difference, can it? Actually, it can! Pollutants from your shoes can seep into your carpet and stay there, in turn affecting the indoor air quality of your home as a whole.

This does not mean you should run home and rip up all of your carpeting and rugs and start over. Just commit to a thorough carpet cleaning once or twice a year and you’re fine. However, keep in mind that not all carpet cleaners are created equal. For example, did you know that using soap can actually attract dirt?

Castino Painting & Home Services uses a soap-free, non-allergenic and odorless carpet cleaning method known as hot water extraction. The cleaning agents are also biodegradable, so they are safe for the little ones in your home, furry or not. Call for a free evaluation today!

By Zipporah Porton