Decking For Fall

Decks and patios need care in the fall too! If you haven’t cleaned your deck or patio is a while, then now is the time! Don’t let the upcoming winter damage your deck beyond repair. Yes decks are constructed of pressure treated wood that resists rot and repels pest, it still needs to be cared for and maintained to ensure beauty for years to come.

Natural wood decks are made from cedar, pressure treated pine, and redwood. Cedar looks and smells good, is durable, naturally resists moisture and readily accepts stain to enhance or change its natural color. Redwood, is not used as much, but has a beautiful, natural red color. Pressure treated pine is chemically treated to resist rot and pests, but has a shorter life span and is susceptible to discoloration.

Although wood is a great material for decks, it must cleaned and sealed to prevent moisture penetration. If your deck has some split boards, nails that are protruding, or loose boards these are signs that moisture may be getting underneath. Wood is porous and requires sealing. Castino has professional, experiences technicians that will power wash your deck, check for any moisture problems, repair any loose spots and properly stain and seal the it, so that you can enjoy it through the fall. Chicago is known to get some beautiful fall days through October, even into November so don’t think you have to put the lounge chairs away! Call today to enjoy a few fall barbeques too!

Now, if your deck is constructed from a man-made decking material, such as a PVC , it may not require staining or sealing often. But keeping it clean is vital to keeping it looking as beautiful as when it was installed. Have your deck professional cleaned no matter the material. A professional inspection and cleaning will eliminate uncertainty of using the right cleansing product and using the correct water pressure. Wood decks can actually be damaged from a pressure washer set too high. Sit back and relax and let the professionals take care of you!

Concrete patios also require care and maintenance, especially if the concreted was stained or stamped. Once the concrete had cured, a sealant was applied to the concrete to protect it from sun, water, and even damage cause by dust. Since Chicago gets its fair share of snow, this cold water just sits on your beautiful concrete, soaking in. Shoveling and salting the surface can also cause damage, so get ready for winter by protecting your patio. It should be cleaned and then a sealant applied.

There are things that you can do every day to protect your wood and concrete patios from damage. Make sure to clean up spills with water before they can set in. Sweep weekly and hose down often to keep dust at bay. Use a grill mat under the grill to catch grease, oil, and charcoal soot. Make sure that gutters and downspouts are in place that will carry water away from the patio or deck. Metal furniture can rust and leave stains, so protect with an outdoor rug or apply felt pads on the bottom of the furniture. Finally, don’t drag furniture across the deck or patio. Pick up and place down each piece.

Call Castino Painting & Home Services today to have your deck and patio treated for fall and winter!

By Eugenia Orr
Castino Painting and Home Services