Creating a Spa at Home

Retreat. Zen. Luxurious. Get-a-way. Spa. These are a few of the most popular adjectives used to describe the bathrooms of today. In a world of road rage, 70-hour work weeks, side jobs, and children with some many extra-curricular activities they need a social secretary, it is no wonder why people are looking for a little snippet of luxury in the bathroom. Going into the bathroom has always been a way to lock out the world, so why not make this private moment one filled with relaxation at any time of the day?

Redoing a bathroom is an important renovation for increasing and keeping the value of your home intact. While in any real estate transaction the kitchen and the bathroom are the most important rooms for receiving an offer even close to the listed asking price, the bathroom is the most used room of any home and the one everyone uses. Approach your bathroom remodel as a value-adding project, a way to improve your day-to-day life, and the creation of a vacation spot at home.

Options for creating a spa-like retreat are endless. Sinks are no longer merely sinks, they are now works of art. Vessel bowl sinks are glass, stone, or ceramic bowls that sit on top of the vanity cabinet and found in every color, many shapes, and various sizes. The clear glass options do require a little extra cleaning to keep them free from spots but vessels are definitely the ‘in’ thing in bathrooms.

A home for those lovely vessel sink can made manufactured from pretty much any cabinet you wish. Have an antique dresser that doesn’t work in the bedroom? Protect it to withstand water, refinish the top, or replace it with a granite or marble option, and have at least two holes drilled on the top. One will be for the drain the other will be for the faucet. To save on space in your vanity, have the faucet come out of the wall for an incredibly luxurious feel.

Create a rainforest with a shower head that pours water down over your head. If you are demolishing the entire bath, while the walls and ceiling are open have one installed in the ceiling. Other shower-experience options are multiple shower heads, steam, music, and chromatherapy. Chromatherapy, lights installed that change colors as a relaxation technique, doesn’t end in the shower. Bathtubs do more than just hold water. There are jetted tubs, air tubs for quieter massaging, and chromatherapy. Today’s tubs are also available with heaters that will keep the water hot as long as you are submersed.

Once you emerge from the tub or shower, the last thing you want is cold toes. Solve that problem with heated floors. Tile floors are the perfect outer layer for radiant heating. You can opt for a custom system or purchase netted sheets that can be connected together to provide a steady, even heat that is absorbed by the tile to provide warmth and increase the level of luxury in your new spa-retreat.

Tile options are as vast as one can imagine. Ceramic and porcelain are cost-effective options and look like their more expensive counterparts. Marble is a decadent option for bathroom flooring. Other natural stone options are limestone, granite, and slate. The choices are endless – the only limitation is your budget!

Keep in mind as you design your bath the longevity of the space. If you are updating in anticipation of selling your home, remember that high-end finishes such as marble will not always provide a high return when selling. You don’t want to over-improve for your area. To ensure that your bathroom remodel does last, higher professionals that can install your finishes properly.