Choosing the Right House Paint

Paint is paint—simple enough, right? Wrong. There are many kinds of house paint out there, and if you’re trying to remodel your home on your own, it’s important that you know about all of them. It’s also important that you choose the right kind of house paint for your house and your project to ensure a stylish look and a long life.

Interior and Exterior Paint
According to Ehow , paint is divided by category into interior and exterior. You shouldn’t use interior paint on the exterior of your home because exterior paint has added ingredients that keep it looking good even in bad weather or when problems, like mold, arise. Before you do a paint job, you should make sure to ask the paint store professional whether you’re buying interior or exterior paint.

Water or Oil Based
When choosing the right type of paint for your home, you’ll also have to choose between water and oil-based paints . Many people don’t really know the difference between these types of paints, so they find it hard to make a decision about them. However, once you know the facts, you can make a selection simply based on your preferences. Both types of paint are good for use in or outside the home.

Water based paint is younger than oil-based, but it has improved vastly since it was first invented. Water based, or latex paint, dries quickly and can be cleaned up with water. This is great if you make a mess, but it can be problematic if you live in a very rainy environment or if you have to take a sponge to the inside of your home. However, exterior latex paint is designed to be resistant to the weather. It’s quick drying nature, however, means that it’s harder to get a smooth shiny coat the way you could with oil-based paint.

Oil-based paint has been around a lot longer than water-based paint, and it’s also quite a bit smellier! However, many homeowners choose oil-based paint because it is potentially more durable because it isn’t affected by water. It’s also slow drying, and it can only be cleaned up with an agent like turpentine or paint cleaner. This can be dangerous if you have young children around. However, some say oil-based paint is better looking than water-based paint because it doesn’t dry so quickly, so it’s easier to get a smoother coat. It’s also glossier than water-based paint.

There are other kinds of house paints besides interior, exterior, water-based, and oil-based paints. There are specific paints designed for use in the bathroom or kitchen, and there are paints that you might use on appliances, cabinets, etc. To choose the right paint for you, you just need to consider the kind of project you’re doing and what is more appropriate for that project and for your preferences. For instance, do you like paint that dries fast or paint that has a glossy coat.

If you think choosing a type of paint will still be difficult for you, contact a professional before painting your house. A professional knows what kind of paint to choose that will make your house look attractive for months to come. Plus, it saves you the money! But no matter what you choose to do, be sure you have done the research before you buy the paint.