Why Choose Stucco Over Stone?

Stucco is becoming more and more popular, particularly because it can be applied to homes in such a way that it looks like stone. Stone and stucco are two materials for finishing the exterior of homes, and while they can be made to look similar, they are quite a bit different. If you’re considering one or the other—why should you choose stucco instead of stone?


While both stucco and stone are low maintenance siding options—durable and easy to clean—stucco is made synthetically and therefore, easier to repair. Natural stone, must be taken from a quarry or supply shop; stucco, however, can be remixed and reapplied very easily. This makes it an easier material to maintain, should you need to patch or replace any of the siding at any point in time. Both materials are good for protecting your home against fire, insects, rotting, and mold.


Another reason to choose stucco instead of stone is the cost. While the job cost will vary from contractor to contractor and will also depend on the size of your home and the type of styling that the stucco is applied with, stucco typically will cost less than natural stone siding, simply due to the fact that one is manmade and the other has to be taken from a natural supply.  With stucco, much of your cost will depend on the labor required to apply it to your home. With stone, the labor is intensive, but the materials are more expensive, as well. Depending on your budget, stucco may be a cost-effective option for getting the stone look that you love without breaking the bank.

Color Choice

When you choose stone siding, you are relatively limited when it comes to color choice. If you’re set on a natural, from-the-earth look, that’s fine; however, if you like the look of stone but want it in a color that doesn’t naturally occur in stone—say, a deep turquoise or bright, uniform orange—stucco can provide that for you easily, since it can be made into virtually any color.

Stucco Vs. EIFS

If you are trying to decide between stucco and EIFS—commonly referred to as synthetic stucco—one very important thing to consider is the climate you live in. If you live in a damp or overly humid climate (for instance, near an ocean or other body of water, or somewhere it rains a lot), traditional stucco is what you will want to choose. EIFS has the potential to mold or rot if moisture gets underneath or behind it, which can cause costly repairs to be necessary.

When it comes to making a choice between stucco, stone, or EIFS, take into consideration your budget and climate, first and foremost, followed by which aesthetic you prefer.