How to Choose a Shade of White Paint for a Large Area

Choosing paint for your home can be a difficult task – whichever shade you choose has to be something you’ll like for a while, since most people don’t want to repaint their homes all that often. The pressure is on to find the perfect color—and in the face of that complicated decision, many people think that simply painting their homes white will take care of the hard decision. To many people’s surprise, however, choosing to paint walls white presents its own dilemma—there are practically as many shades of white as there are of other colors. So how can you be sure to choose the right shade of white for your home?

Consider the Style of Your Home

Different shades of white can create different atmospheres, so it’s important to consider the overall tone and style of your home. For instance, is your décor contemporary or a bit warmer? If you’ve got a lot of crisp lines in your furniture and other fixtures, a cooler white will lend itself well to give a feeling of newness. The crisp, cool-toned white that looks great in modern-styled rooms, however, may feel uninviting when used in spaces that are not designed with that modern look in mind. Warmer whites with undertones of yellow, ivory, or khaki create an organic feel in room, while gray-whites create a museum-esque backdrop in your home.

Consider the Room You’re Painting

White paint can look great in any room, but it’s important to consider the use of the room before choosing paint. White bedrooms can be very relaxing and calming, but if you choose the same cool-toned white as you would for a modern-design living room, the bedroom will look too stark and sharp. If you’re set on having a white bedroom, consider using multiple shades of white around the room, with carpeting or rugs, curtains, and bedding. The different shades may seem counterintuitive, but when put together, it prevents the room from looking too harsh. You should also consider finish—in the kitchen or bath, an eggshell, satin, or semi-gloss paint may work better than a flat paint because the glossier finish is easier to clean.

White paints can look elegant and alluring in any room in your home, provided you spend a little time testing out different shades before settling on one that simply looks good on a small paint chip. Choose one that matches your décor and looks best in the room throughout the day by applying samples to the wall and making a decision over the course of a few days.