Best Paint Colors for Relaxing Rooms

Build a relaxing home with paint colors best suited for the job.
When you’re looking to paint a room and you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in it, there are some paint colors that are better than others for creating that mood.  For example, painting a room red wouldn’t really lend well to fostering an air of relaxation and calmness. Instead, follow color psychology charts for choosing the best colors for a variety of rooms. For calming and relaxing rooms, choose colors that are known for being restful and neutral.


Blue is a good choice for calming rooms, which is why it’s often used in bedrooms and offices. It tends to help people unwind and focus, making it ideal for places where you need to sleep or work – despite these being two different activities, the paint color lends itself well to both. Choose a pale shade rather than a dark or bright shade, one that perhaps has some gray or green tones to it for a great look.


Following the same logic as choosing blue shades, make sure that the violet or purple shade you pick is on the warmer side – paints that are too muddy or drab can make the room appear cold because they have too much black in the mix.  You also don’t have to pick a purple that’s too bright—one of the best ways to incorporate purple into your décor is by choosing a shade this just a little bit darker than white.


Many people have an aversion to painting rooms pink, writing it off as a color that’s meant for a baby girl’s room. But done right, pink can make any room look elegant and feel welcoming. Like with purple, choose shades that are subtle, lest the room look like you’re on the inside of a bubblegum bubble.


Before you get nervous, we don’t mean grass green or lime green. Rather, pale shades of celery or sage.  If you want to go brighter, you can, as green is a color that’s meant for making people feel refreshed – when you sit on a park bench, you feel relaxed because you’re surrounded by greenery. Bringing those colors inside your home can help extend that feeling of calmness, as well.


Gray is also a good choice for calming rooms. What’s better about gray than the other colors is that because it’s so neutral, it can work in any room and with any furniture or décor you already have. It can be used in virtually any room, too—kitchens, living rooms, offices, bedrooms, and more.

Choosing a great paint color doesn’t have to be difficult. Using paint samples and taking into account the atmosphere you want, the process of choosing paint for your home can be a fun one.