Beautiful, Budget Bedrooms

Tired of a cramped, ugly bedroom but don’t have a lot to spend? There’s no need to worry. With just a few dollars, you can transform an ordinary bedroom into an extraordinary piece of art. But while you won’t need a lot of cash, you will need a lot of creativity. But while it’s important to personalize your bedroom and make it your own (otherwise you won’t be comfortable in it), these ideas can help you get started down the right track.

Black and White

HGTV names as one of its top ten bedrooms on a budget an artistic black and white. What’s wonderful about black and white is that it has the power to look classy, artsy, contemporary, or traditional depending on the paining styles, furniture, and accents that you use. Another benefit to black and white is the fact that, if you maximize the white and minimize the black, you can make your room look bigger and brighter. However, the black takes away the sterility that we often associate with purely white rooms. If you’re thinking about doing a room in black and white but aren’t sure what design to use, consider consulting an interior designer or your favorite home interiors magazine. A professional paint job can also help you if you’re sure you want to use black and white but stuck on what you should do with it.


Accessories can be quite inexpensive. From the garage sale to the flea market to the clearance rack, you can get a whole host of fun decorating items that show off your personality for next to nothing. In fact, iVillage  notes that $10 throw pillows and fabrics in different colors can help you revitalize your room. If you’re not looking to get into anything heavy duty like paint or floors, accessories are a great way to go. However, it’s important to understand that new accessories won’t hide problems that exist in your bedroom flooring or paint job. If there are issues–like peeling paint or scraped floors–it’s best to get those taken care of before you revamp your room. Then, you can make sure you’re happy with the results. No matter what budget you have, you have the power to create a beautiful bedroom in which you’re comfortable. A little sprucing and a little reorganization can really make a difference.