5 Tips for Using Jewel-Toned Paint in Your Home

Jewel Toned PaintIf you’re not the sort of person who wants all neutrals in their home, and would prefer painting with brighter, richer shades, you’re probably no stranger to jewel tones. Amethyst, emerald, amber—all of these are great colors to paint your home with, but there are certain ways of doing so that ensure your project turns out inviting and warm rather than dark and overwhelming. Check out these tips for using rich, jewel-toned paint without making your home feel foreboding.

Consider the Size of the Room

Brighter colors can feel looming and can make a room feel very enclosed, so it’s important to choose carefully when you want to use them.  If the room is relatively small, painting it a dark color can make it feel even smaller. You can still use that shade, but consider using it only as an accent wall and having lighter complimentary shades on the other walls in the room, or using the jewel tone on the trim only.

Keep Accessories and Furniture Neutral

When you use a dark, rich shade like teal or ruby, it’s important to keep the rest of the room relatively simple so that your home doesn’t start looking like a hookah lounge (unless, of course, that is your desired aesthetic). Making these rich shades look sophisticated is easy when you use shades of taupe, beige and ivory for the sofa or area rugs. Throw pillows can be a complimentary color to brighten the room and add visual interest, but in general you’ll want to keep the contents of the room subdued if you’ve chosen a statement paint color.

Mix Textures, If Possible

If your home allows it—for instance, if one of your rooms has a brick or stone wall interior—consider choosing a jewel tone that can accent the texture in the brick or stone—amber or copper are great colors for accenting stone walls, for example.

Add More Light Fixtures

Because jewel tones can look flat if there’s not a lot of light in a room, it’s important to make sure that the room gets enough light. If there aren’t many windows (or even if there are—think about nighttime), you may want to consider adding some light fixtures to brighten up the space and to add depth to the room.

Paint Half-Walls

Finally, if you desperately want to use a jewel tone but are afraid that it’s going to seem like too much, consider painting half of the wall—say, from the ceiling to doorknob-height—that color, then installing molding as a border and painting the bottom half something more neutral. This can give the room balance.

Painting with jewel tones doesn’t have to be scary—done well, these colors can make your home look luxurious and stylish. For help choosing a great paint color and design, contact Castino Painting and Home Services today.