Prepping Your Home’s Interior

5 Secrets for Prepping Your Home’s Interior for a New Splash of Color

It’s finally Spring, and like most homeowners, you are probably taking steps to rid your home of its winter hibernation. While there are simple steps you can take to prepare for the warmer months of the year, like Spring cleaning and landscaping, if you want to provide the interior of your home with a Spring-like bright and fun appearance, the best way to do it is with a new splash of color on the walls.

Whether you decide to paint the walls yourself or you want to hire North Shore interior painters to do the job for you, there are some steps you can take to make the process much easier and to obtain the end result you want.

How to Prepare Your Home for an Interior Paint Job

  • Sand Away- If you want to give your walls a new splash of color and liven up your living space, the first step you need to take is sanding away the flaws. Painting in North Shore requires a perfectly smooth surface, and this means sanding down joint-compound patches, spackle, and the ridges around nail or screw holes. Sanding can also be done to trim to remove rough spots and burrs. When sanding the wall, start at the baseboard and work your way to the ceiling, first vertically and then horizontally; this will ensure every inch is sanded completely and is ready for interior painting.
  • Tinted Primer- Joint compound is often used to fill in holes and cracks in walls, and must be sanded down before paint can be applied. However, if you, or the North Shore interior painters you hire, paint directly over the compound, the moisture will be sucked right out of the paint, resulting in a dull, flat look that is anything but Spring-like. Avoid this and prepare for the first coat of paint by using a tinted primer. Colored primer can cover existing paint and compound much more easily, and will reduce the number of coats of paint required later on.
  • Taping off Woodwork- With interior painting, nothing is more frustrating than removing the tape from woodwork and finding that the paint has seeped through and colored the wood. Avoid this by always making sure you use blue painter’s tape instead of masking tape and seal the tape to the wood or trim correctly by pressing against it with a putty knife. A good seal will stop any paint bleeds from occurring.
  • Protect the Floor- Interior painting can be fun, but let’s face it: it’s also very messy. Make sure you have the appropriate type of drop cloth for the job. Avoid using bed sheets, which can allow spills and splatters to seep through and ruin your carpet. Avoid plastic drop cloths as well, as these allow paint to stay wet for too long and can become a potential slip hazard. Use canvas drop cloths instead, which aren’t slippery and can easily absorb splatters.

When painting in North Shore, preparing your space is essential to creating an end result you can be proud of. Whether you are painting your home yourself or hiring North shore interior painters, take these steps to guarantee a beautiful, new look worthy of Spring.

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