Stephanie Hoffman, President, Executive Director, Heartland Animal Shelter

I’ve got so called stucco applicators doing cost comparison of the products I sell and I have a hard time competing with the crap they are buying at other places and putting up on people’s walls. Unfortunately, there is no training or licensing required by the state and there is absolutely no quality control for application and materials used. I have recently been out on four jobs where the so called stucco applicator was screwing Durock onto the house, skim coating it and calling that stucco. The builder and architects had no idea this is not acceptable. It’s a crap shoot – I know the quality of service and materials of Castino Stucco to be the highest standard and I have worked with them for decades.”

“I wanted to take the time to formally than you, Roger Castino, and the staff for the excellent work on the interior kennels last summer. We were amazed at the level of professionalism displayed by the entire crew from the moment the project started. I realized it was no easy project, especially with the weather conditions and given the environment, but the work performed was exceptional and I can honestly say, I’ve never been more impressed. Despite the struggling economy, Mr. Castino was very generous and understanding to a Not-for-Profit organization such as ours, and we are forever grateful for such compassion and believe this greatly adds to his credibility as a business owner.