Jay L., Evanston

Zibi was wonderful, very service oriented and extremely professional. Always willing to listen and careful with job. Everyone we have met have been very nice, good with service and professional. Fantastic job! Thanks!

“All your guys are great – very efficient, friendly and hardworking.”

“…What amazed me the first time was how carefully they cleaned up ALL the scraped paint from the grass. They did not leave one piece of cracked paint outside and they were just as clean working one space at a time on the interior of our house. In all instances, they were on time, once even calling ahead when traffic and storm was going to make them late (wow!)…Polite and hardworking, they even stayed overtime because they did not want out interior to remain unfinished on the last day. If these people did root canacls, I would use them in a minute.”

“Stanley did an excellent job leading the work and keeping me informed. The prep work was overall outstanding – I have previously done this kind of work for myself and can appreciate the quality work that you did. Beyond the prep work, the painting was also of very high quality. I’m very happy with the job that Castino did and Stanley and crew were top notch.